Sex Diaries: Are You Getting Any?

It’s sex week for New York Magazine, which means each and every day they’re posting a “sex diary” of a New Yorker. Like a food diary, but for sex! So far, the diaries have been funny, raunchy, poignant and sad, elucidating the plight of a dad who isn’t getting any, a pathetic single gal pondering and a rowdy bachelor, among others. Today’s diary might be of special interest to many of you, for it is that of the “The Crazy Co-ed,” aka you and me… kind of. The diary-writer really can’t keep her hands out of her pants, which has me ask: who has that kind of time in college? Plus, she claims to be sleeping with her 64-year old prof. Everyone knows emeriti aren’t too keen on office hours. I smell a rat. Regardless, it’s a novel idea to keep a sex diary, but mainly only works for those who aren’t having any (real) sex.

Check it out:

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