“Daddy, will you get me a job?”

So you’re about to graduate and go out into the world. You want a job, you want a good salary, you want dope benefits, and you wouldn’t sneeze at a 401K. Problem is: you know nothing. So what to do?Answer: Ask Mommy and Daddy to do all the legwork for you!

You are (hopefully) rolling your eyes in disgust, yet many relentless “Helicopter Parents” (so named because they hover over their kids’ every move) are doing just that. They are showing up at job fairs, calling employers, and even negotiating salaries. ‘Cause nothing screams “I’m an adult” like “Let my Daddy do the talkin’!” amirite?

I haven’t heard of parenting this invasive since Joe and Jessica Simpson! Zing!

Apparently, Helicopter Parenting has become so common that many major companies are now training recruiters and managers how to deal with psycho loving parents.

“Psychologically, it’s somewhat eroding. When an employer is hiring someone, they’re hiring an adult for an adult job, and then they have to deal with a parent,” says Charles Wardell, the managing director at Korn/Ferry. Um, doy.

Heads up: If you’re a college graduate, you’re a goddamn grown-up. Get your own internship, get your own job, negotiate your own salary and your own benefits. Oh, and tie your own shoes and pick out your own clothes while you’re at it.

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