Don’t Drink and Myspace

Fact. When you sign up for Myspace, you have control over the privacy on your account.

Fact. No one forces your profile and pictures to be seen by everyone. You can choose the option if you want, but you can also choose to only show your friends and/or those you accept.

Fact. Millersville student, Stacy Snyder, must have been unaware of these things. Either that, or she’s a moron. I’ll choose the latter. reports the story of Snyder, who was on track to receive a degree in teaching. Everything was going according to plan. That is, until the university discovered her Myspace pictures. And no, they were not pictures of her and her family enjoying a lovely picnic at the park, or photos of her dancing at a nice ballet recital, or of her standing in front of the Washington Monument, holding her hand out to appear as though she’s holding the tiny little monument in her hand, like this. They were pictures of her, wasted at a Halloween party, wearing a pirate costume, with a drink in her hand and the caption, “Drunken Pirate.”

Millersville refused her education degree the night before graduation (what a DISS!) and gave her an English degree instead, because the school said that she “promoted underage drinking.”

She is now suing the school for $75,000.

Stacy, honey. I know it sucks that you didn’t get your degree, and you probably aren’t some alcoholic who runs around in a pirate hat every night just because you celebrated Halloween a few years ago. But, if you wanna teach children, the innocent, young children, DON’T go posting pictures of yourself getting trashed on a PUBLIC website and devise captions that admit to your intoxication. That’s just dumb and entirely unecessary. Maybe if you were an aspiring artist, or bartender. That would make sense. But, teacher?? Come on.

Companies and schools have even admitted to looking into Facebook and Myspace to determine whether they want to hire or fire some one. Even if you did set your account settings to “private” there is always a way for a university to be sneaky – especially if they’re about to send you off to be a teacher and follow the example of the university that taught you!

Good luck with your lawsuit, but I doubt you’ll get anything. You made your bed…now lie in it!

Now, if you were so dead-set on posting pictures of yourself as a pirate, maybe you should have gone for something more like this. That’s classy.

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