This Week on Entourage: Drama “Got Got!”

Last night’s Entourage was okay. Nothing too exciting happened, but we did get to see Ari at home with the wifey, which is always amusing, and also, Vincent Chase in the bathtub. Ooh-la-la! Let me catch you up to speed:

While Drama is paranoid about getting “got” on Pauly Shore’s Punk’d-esque TV show, he finds himself in a showdown with actual ultimate fighting champion, Chuck Liddell. You do not want to piss this guy off. Little does he know, Liddell is in on the prank, and after humiliating Drama in the fighting ring (and scaring the crap out of him) The Weasel himself appears to catch him on camera, and Drama relishes in the fact he will be on two television premieres in one week. Oh, that Drama…what would we do without him?

In the meantime, E learns of Vince and Amanda, his agent, and the love affair they had last week. These two are totally into eachother, and E thinks it’s totally unprofessional. I agree, but two people that hot are going to hook up, inevitably. It’s definitely going to cause a rift in their working relationship, but as of now, Vince has one thing on his mind, and it’s not work. The flirting between them is nonstop during the entire episode, and they both realize that they “like” eachother. Oh, that Amanda…how jealous I am of thee.

And then we have Ari. When his old college buddy comes to visit, the disgusting, offensive frat guy he and his wife once knew has turned into a sensitive millionnaire who scored a hot, young, blonde fiancee. Needless to say, Ari is jealous and insecure that his own wife isn’t satisfied with him, and of course, it all comes out when the four of them are having dinner. Ari is insecure? Who knew? Oh, that Ari…obnoxious, but in an endearing kind of way.

Next week, we’ll get to see Ari attempting to win Vince back again with the chance at his dream movie role, and how this causes problems with his new love interest/agent Amanda. Should be quite interesting. But, I don’t think Vince will be in the bathtub for a second week in a row. And sorry, no Pauly Shore next week, either. Buuuuuuuddy.

Bestiality on the Big Screen?
Bestiality on the Big Screen?
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