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The John Mayer Theory on Global Warming


He’s a singer, he’s a songwriter, he’s dating Jessica Simpson, and he was just sitting back waiting on the world to change (while making his millions singing about it). But now, John Mayer is tired of waiting. He is taking matters into his own hands… by introducing his own theory on how to fix Global Warming.

On his website, Johnny-boy posted a rather lengthy, albeit interesting blog, “(Not) Waiting on the World to Change Entry No. 1,” where he vents about the importance of global warming and how our generation doesn’t care about it simply because it has yet to presented in a way that makes us care. (He claims that while An Inconvenient Truth was a good flick, the title was so “un-fun”).

So John Mayer took it upon himself to propose a new option for helping to reverse the damage that global warming has caused. Enter from stage left: Light Green. The John Mayer theory on global warming preaches that we all need to pick just one thing for now to change in our own lives in order to help reduce global warming effects.

Mayer is kick starting his new theory by producing a line of products that will be cheap alternatives in order to help cut down on plastics. And what’s more is he will bringing his new line to Y-O-U selling them at the merchandise stands on his tour this summer.

I must say, I am impressed and I did not see this coming from him. When “Waiting on the World to Change” first came out I thought it was kind of a sell out song. I mean, what was he doing to help make a change? Absoulutley Nothing! Just waiting…waiting while singing about it on every single TV show, radio station, internet site and the like.

Well good for you John Mayer, you have just made me eat my words. I was wrong about you (and I do not like being wrong). While that may not change the fact that I am still sick of your song (I mean seriously, how overplayed is it?!), I commend your efforts to at least DO something rather than just singing/writing about how others should.

And at least Mayer is realistic about his passion for going green: “To anybody ready to cut me down for this, here’s my full disclosure: I drive a Porsche SUV, I still drink lots of bottled water, and I will be flying private charter several times during my summer tour. However, my bus has been converted to Bio-Diesel, and I’ll be coming up with even more ways to adapt to the Light Green mentality before I set out for the summer.”

Go you, John Mayer. Go you.

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