Calling All Fashion Designers…Make Up Your Damn Mind People.

Every year, every season, fashion seems to be pretty particular. Kind of like the bitty old women who order their salads with extra tomato, hold the croutons, dressing on the side, and please use ONLY romaine lettuce– fashion trends the past few years have been distinct and particular.

Skinny jeans, vests, bubble dresses and wedges were seen in the collections of every designer from Marc Jacobs to Miu Miu to the guest designers for Target. I always like the idea of being told what’s “in.” My eye gets used to the new styles quickly and I felt sooo like LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) this year in my skinny jeans, skull tops and black nail polish.

So what gives now? Clearly the fashion geniuses of the world have been slacking/ not collaborating/ doing too many drugs to have any sort of open communication. Or maybe they decided to throw the ways of uniformity out the window and let originality take over, but either way, I for one am confused! It’s a smorgasbord of fashion out there and anything goes. Super-skinny, super wide, low rise, high-waisted (um, helllllo camel toe), big and printed shirts like the ones my grandma rocks when she goes to get her hair done, or form fitted and boyish (have you seen this springs Gap collection? boy scouts anyone?) Fashion this season is more fickle then I am at an ice-cream store (and trust me I am FI-CKLE).

With all this mish-mash of fashion I can’t decide if I am happy (so many choices! so many new things!) or not. But I do know this: I have questions and lots of them. Are there rules? Can you rock one style and not the next? What can you mix and what can’t you? Metallic’s and Leopard? Prints and boy-ish sweaters? And most importantly why is it that with so many new styles not-a-one seems to be flattering on anyone but the coked-out, super-skinny, please for the love of god someone get this girl a cookie kind of girl? If leggings and cigarette jeans weren’t bad enough, now they want America in bold printed mini dresses and high-waisted pants. Puh-lease. That only holds promise to bring back the “mom-butt” jean that we have spent too many years and Oprah specials trying to get rid of!

Whatever, with finals coming up I’ll be in sweats anyway. But since I know it is imperative for you to figure out what spring fashion looks you like (only because you SO don’t feel like writing that final paper today) take a look at’s Look Books

They not only show this seasons cutest clothes, but also help those a bit overwhelmed figure out how tackle the surplus of styles for the season.

Happy Shopping!

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