The Grossest Celeb Video EVER

Okay, I have seen some weird things in my twenty two years, but this video of new creepy couple, Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood making out is possibly the most disturbing video I have seen so far. Manson, who is 38, and Wood, 19, are rolling around and kissing while he fondles her. And the whole thing takes place in a pool of blood! It’s bad enough that they are actually dating, but making a video of it is just too much

Thanks to, this video is available to the public so that everyone can throw up a little in their mouth. My immediate question was, what does this girl’s parents think? I’m sure they were thrilled when she brought her new boyfriend, aka Marilyn Manson, home for dinner!

Supposedly it’s a preview for the upcoming video for song, Heart Shaped Glasses. Whatever it’s for, it makes me never want to see anything else having to do with that couple ever again.

Check it out for yourself.

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