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Kelly Clarkson, Your New Song Sucks


Oh my god. I never thought I would say this. Kelly Clarkson’s new song SUCKS!

What is going on here? I’ve always loved Kelly Clarkson. In all my years of watching of American Idol, I voted exactly one time and it was for Kelly. I even seriously contemplated dying my hair like the cover of her Thankful album, (with the bright red and platinum blonde streaks). Thankfully, I didn’t– but that’s how much I loved her. Not to mention the fact that nothing is more perfect for a run at the gym or singing along with your car windows down than her last album Breakaway.

So what gives? When I was home over Spring Break, I was shocked when my best friend told me she cringed every time she heard a Kelly Clarkson song.

“WHAT do you mean? I loooove her” I replied in astonishment.

To which my best friend pointed out that on 90% of her songs, Kel screams. “Uch whatever” I thought and I pushed her criticism aside. I mean after all this friend of mine doesn’t like Christina Aguilera OR Chris Daughtry’s voices either- what does she know?!

But the other day I realized… she was right.

I happened to catch her video premiere on TRL for “Never Again” and I was so excited. They even had her live via web cam (she is so cute-I just want to hug her!). But as the music started I realized nothing has changed since she’s been gone- its the same screaming-ranting-hair pulling-angry-rocking out-Kelly Clarkson of “Since you Been Gone” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes”. Check out the video for yourself… the album “My December” was slated for a summer release, but rumor has it, head honcho of Sony BMG-Clive Davis is not impressed with Kelly’s new album and wants to scrap part/all of it. Apparently Ms. Clarkson penned the entire album herself. However, the first single is not being received so well (um I can’t imagine why- maybe cause it uh-sucks?) on the charts.

But I am praying for Kel. she announced her plans for a summer arena tour (and last time I saw her in concert I was rockin o-u-t). My fingers are crossed that the rest of the album is a little more promising.

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