24 – The Drinking Game.

I love me some girly TV just like the rest of us. I don’t know if I love or hate Lauren Conrad, but I absolutely have to know what is going on in her life. But The Hills is not must-see TV for me. The one show that under no circumstances whatsoever I can’t miss, is 24. Jack Bauer would kick Spencer’s ass into the next millennium. And I’d cheer. Maybe he’d rip out his big, too white teeth one by one first….

Perhaps I’m a classic case of a good (ish) girl who falls in love with bad boys because seriously—when Jack starts round kicking, and pummeling some evil, leather jacket clad terrorist—I almost slide off my seat. It’s just so… masculine. Damn.

This season has been slightly disappointing—every episode looks like its going to be the “big one” where Jack takes out at least 7 people in a five minute time span, and then… nothing. But with only three episodes left, you can bet blood will be shed. Which is why this is the time to get together with your friends, and play the 24 drinking game.

There are many different variations of the game, but the most common rules are—Jack kills someone, take a shot. Jack says “damn it,” take a shot. Jack goes rogue, take a shot. And even though 24 is the best show ever of all time (and don’t try and argue with me—you are entitled to your opinion, but I will never be swayed), there are certain things you can count on that the script writers always throw in there. Which is why everyone ends up hammered by the end of this.

Here is the full list of shot cues. I myself will be watching the show from a bar which offers a Jack Bauer Power Hour—cheap Jack Daniels, free shots whenever Jack kills someone, and an open bar if Keifer himself shows up, hops up on the bar, and says, “My name is Jack Bauer and this is the longest day of my life.” I’m crossing my fingers….

If you’re not a 24 fan—this site offers drinking games to nearly every television show ever. I’m about to go out and buy the first two seasons of 90210 just to play the game—and cause I miss watching Shannon Doherty be the biggest bitch in the zip code. God, I love her.

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