Seduce a Guy This Weekend

So finals are over. Some of us will go on to enjoy many more semesters, while some of us are done college for good. Whatever the case, it’s time to kick off our shoes and get ready to P-A-R-T-Y.

Parties make for perfect opportunities to get to know your crush. And now that the semester is over and the pressures of finals and projects have been lifted, you can focus on reelin’ him in, if only for one night.

Maybe there’s a guy you’ve been checking out for months, but you just don’t know how to talk to him. You just can’t find the right words, and you find yourself speechless in his presence. Kinda like this scene from American Pie, of which I could only find the Spanish version, but it’s still just as hilarious, if not more with the dubs.

Whenever this sort of thing happens to me, I turn to one of my most favorite films for inspiration. It’s a film called Teen Witch, and it’s the epitome of a movie masterpiece. It came out in 1989, so you know there’s great hair styles, great wardrobes, and great dramatic performances.

In this particular, plot-shaking scene, Louise Miller a.k.a “Teen Witch” (and no, it’s not her – get your teenage witches straight) has already transformed from geek to chic. Her best friend has a secret crush on a guy named Rhet, who always makes fun of her because she’s still fabulously dorky. (Check out that pink sun hat). But Rhet is a very stupid name. Plus, he wears denim clam-diggers and carries a boom box around, so he is not one to talk.

Anyway, Louise puts a spell on her friend here, giving her the courage she needs to stand up for herself and butt in on his gang of hoodlums during one of their many jam sessions. And how does she finally seduce Rhet and grab his attention? By rapping, of course. Duh!

Endulge yourself in a little ditty called, “Top That.” For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, you are in for quite a treat. Not only will it rock you to the core, but it demonstrates a surefire way to impress the Rhet’s in all of our lives.

So tonight, while you’re at a party, watching your crush from afar, not knowing how to break the ice, remember this scene and start a rapping showdown out of nowhere. I know some of us may not be so lucky as to have a friend who is a witch and can cast spells on us, so you’ll have to find the power within. Because this is the art of seduction at it’s best.

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