Blohan Box Office Bomb

Oh Blohan, what are we going to do with you?

Our favorite media whore’s movie tanked over the weekend, bringing in a meager $5.8 million dollars. Georgia Rule made half of the horror sequel 28 Weeks Later’s 10 million and one tenth of Spider Man 3’s 60 million.

Ms. Redhead-blond-black-blondish red hasn’t made a hit movie since Mean Girls, and continues to have bit parts in films that do just okay (Bobby, Prairie Home Companion) or staring roles in shit fests like Just My Luck and Herbie: Fully Loaded. In addition to drug and sex issues, Blohan seems to have a disability when it comes to picking good scripts. Either that, or her wild and annoying behavior is keeping people away from her movies.

It’s strange to me that everyone who works with her calls her “amazing” and “delightful”. Is she really? Or are they just afraid of what would happen to their careers should they say what may actually be the case: she’s an alright actress, I guess. Mostly she’s just young and stupid. Is Lindsay really as great as everyone claims she is? Is she really as talented as Hollywood would like us to believe? Or is she just a celebrity who acts as a hobby and parties for a living?

Whatever happens to little miss media, I can’t say I’ll be cheering or crying about it one way or another. I’m over her. Obviously, I’ll still be here to watch her downfall, but that’s because I’m a glutton for celebrity stupidity. But interested in her feelings and viewing her as a real, live, person?

Not until she stops acting like a spoiled brat, and starts acting in good movies.

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