Iz Texting like ttally fcking w/ur grammr?

OMG! No U Ddnt!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of text messaging. I still have one of those phones where you have to press a thousand different keys get the letters you want, and since everything is so damn small, squinting is the only way to make sure I’m saying the right things.

Plus, I’ve never understood why someone would text instead of call unless A) they’re somewhere that inhibits phone usage or B) they don’t want to hear the other person’s voice.

These opinions of mine are in the minority, though. I’m well aware of how much this country is in love with text messaging. Just like that crazy AOL Instant Messenger took hold of my generation years ago, text messaging is slowly becoming our primary form of communication as well as a way to make shitloads of cash.

It isn’t all good, however. A few people are worried that text messaging is making us stupid. According to some, there is a part of academia that believes our skills in the area of abbreviation and quick fingers are seriously infringing our paper writing abilities. Technology has such a big impact on us, they suggest, that soon we won’t be able to differentiate between a tiny cell phone screen and a 15 page research paper.

I understand their fear, and maybe an idiot here and there might try to sneak a few “LOLs” and “IMOs” into a paper, but worrying that an entire country of young people is slowly succumbing to text speak is a bit schizophrenic. Dumb people are going to write dumb things no matter what year it is. I’m sure there were losers in 1440 scrawling incomprehensible sentences on their chalk slates—should we have blamed the invention of the printing press for that?

I think it’s safe to say that you can continue texting without the fear of bad grammar and spelling slowly seeping into your brain. Just because you take shortcuts on your Verizon Mobile doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly and inexplicably start typing “U” instead of “You”. Unless you’re stupid. If you’re stupid…well, be afraid.

B Vry Afrd!

Case in point:

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