Ordering Asian

I’ve always had a soft spot for Asian snackage. It’s always so crunchy, salty, and delicious.

Plus this wonderful food comes in a variety of brightly hued packages with pictures of manically smiling pandas or kittens on the cover. Does it get any better than that? Not really.

But depending on where you are in this big old country of ours, the really obscure stuff can be impossible to find. All grocery stores have ramen, but do all of them have Hello Kitty Chocolate Dip Biscuits? That’s where Asian Food Grocer, your one-stop-online-shop for everything edible and Asian, comes in. Trust me, you will completely fall in love with this site if you’re even remotely predisposed to this type of noshing.

First of all, you’re going to need a pair of chopsticks. Sure you can get by on the shitty ones they give you in restaurants but they tend to warp, get splinters in your food, and just aren’t stylish. I love these aqua pearl chopsticks and with each pair under $3, you can afford to get them in a couple of different colors.

As for what you’re going to use your new sticks on, sure we’ve all had ramen. But you haven’t had ramen until you’ve had Nong Shim Shin Ramyun. The noodles are thicker, the broth has a spicy complex taste that is just delicious. You’ll never go back to the other stuff. Although it’s not quite as cheap, at 98 cents a package you can afford to stock up.

If you’re watching your sodium intake (which is such a good idea) you might want to try Miso soup. You have to watch out which kind you get though. There are different types of miso paste: shiro-miso is mild and low and salt, while aaka-miso is very salty which a strong smell. They’re both tasty when you add cubes of Tofu, sliced mushrooms, and green onions.

I’ve become completely addicted to these little Japanese pastries. They taste like heaven — especially when washed down with a little green tea. They’re fluffy, not too sweet, wheat cake pastries that come in flavors like Danish Swirl, Blueberry Jam, and Red Bean. I know it sounds a little nutso, but red bean is one of my favorite flavors. You have to try it to understand how a flavor like red bean could be so damn good.

You know that delicious hot sauce on the table of Chinese restaurants that’s so good with dumplings? You better believe you can get it on this site. Plus, it makes all food so much better. It’s spicy, but without the vinegar taste you get with Tabasco. It’s a must have for any college kitchen. Plus, if you add flavor to your food with low-calorie flavoring like this Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce I was just raving about, you’ll be more satisfied and less likely to over-eat. True story.

Now you’re going to need to wash down that spicy sauce with something to drink. That’s where Sencha Green Tea comes in. Green tea is fabulous for your waistline and unlike a lot of things (Trimspa Baby!) it’s actually been proven by scientists. So pick up a couple of boxes of green tea, it’s the good stuff.

Well, as for me I’m throwing a red bean pastry in my purse and heading out for a night of drinking. Why the snack to go? As we all know, heavy drinking can work up an appetite for drunk food. Well at this little school of mine, they’ve decided that rather than trying to get us to stop getting wasted all the time, they would, get this, give us “party packs”. At every frat party, around 1AM or so, about 20 cheese pizzas get delivered, on the college’s tab, to soak up the all the booze floating around in our stomachs.

Now party-packs may be the best thing that’s ever happened to this school or the worse thing because I swear everyone has gained at least five pounds since they implemented their master plan. The fratty types have been looking especially well fed recently, which doesn’t seem to stop them strutting around like they’re gracing everyone with their presence, beer + pizza guts giggling like a bowls of jelly underneath their green and white striped rubgy shirts.

Eh, what are you going to do besides pack yourself a red-bean cake and hope you can resist tempation (from the pizza not the strutting).

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