Senior Class Criminal

Being the Senior Class President has its perks. Meetings with professors, campus-wide popularity, walking first at graduation…sometimes you can even get free or discounted boarding. It’s a lot of pressure but it’s also a lot of acclaim, and putting it on your resume will definitely get you in a few doors.

Or you could just use the power you have to break into people’s dorms and steal computers.

That’s what 23 year old Christa Olandria, Senior Class President of Livingston College at Rutgers University did. Olandria was arrested last Monday on burglary charges, and is suspect in seven other burglaries that have plagued the campus since September.

She was caught standing outside a dorm room (which she, as an RA, had keys for) as an accomplice stuffed “a laptop computer, a digital camera, a wallet and an iPod case into a duffel bag”.

Senior Class Idiot Olandria, who was also previously voted “Ms. R.U.” by the school, may be denied her diploma come this year’s graduation.

The stupidity of this girl’s actions boggles my little mind. Why do something that stupid when you’ve got your collegiate world on a string? Why commit a crime this close to graduation? The only answer I’ll accept is that she was a Kleptomaniac. Any other excuse will not be tolerated by my ears.

What do you think? Should the chick have her diploma taken away, or is jail/parole a big enough embarrassment? Do we even care what happens to a person this stupid?

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