Teachers Pull Guns on 6th Grade Class!

I understand that school systems all over the country are trying to fight back, but this could be a little overboard.

There used to be a point where teachers were a source of knowledge and wisdom that transcended their role of disciplinarian. Now, teachers are more sex crazed and mentally unbalanced than half the students out there!

In case you haven’t heard, in Murfreesboro, TN, a group of teachers turned an elementary school class trip into an episode of 24. These models for academia, yelled out to the scared 6th grade children, that this was not a test, and that they need to hide under anything they could find. Furthermore, these teachers never even informed any parents or chaperones of their planned festivities. To add the realistic allure of the shake-down, 2 teachers branded real unloaded handguns. Luckily, the Assistant Principal was in on it and thought it would be a learning experience.

[polldaddy poll=1418119]OH YEAH, I always wanted to know what it would be like to clean up after an entire class of children that spontaneously shit themselves…Next week’s 4th Grade Class Trip: Euthanizing Stray Animals. Let this be a lesson for all of those parents who want to be less involved in their kid’s education, but maybe this is a good starting point for parent teacher conferences, “Do you plan on pulling your 9 on my child this semester?”

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This Week in Entourage: Vince is a Producer!
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