This Week in Entourage: Vince is a Producer!

After spending a much-needed day at the beach, my weekend came to a close as it always does, with a fresh episode of Entourage.

While Ari, E and Vince’s storylines took a backseat, it was Turtle and Drama that had their day in the sun…er, night under the moon, I should say. Which was nice, because it definitely changed things up a bit for the boys.

Turtle goes to get Drama’s car detailed and cleaned, and while he’s there, he meets a cute girl who shares his interest in trendy sneakers. Hey, everybody’s got their thing, right? She’s into him (I guess Turtle is cute, in a teddy bear kinda way) and after convincing her intimidating father, who owns the car shop, to let him take his daughter out, Turtle leaves with a hot car and a hot date. Nice to see he can score the chicks without Vince by his side!

Is Entourage losing its’ steam?

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Meanwhile, Drama wakes up to find his new TV show has been reviewed by all of the critics and he refuses to read them. He instead decides to relax at a “massage parlor” and is so distressed while his masseuse is “doing her thing” that he can’t “finish the deed.” Catch my inuendos? He has to read his review in Variety, and it’s not good. The best scene of the entire episode is Drama furiously heading down to the Variety headquarters and hunting down and reeming out the critic who always seems to give him horrible reviews. But it’s not just this critic who hates it; it’s every critic. Seems like Drama can’t catch a break, and even his so-fresh, so-clean car doesn’t help. He drives off, has a breakdown and ends up in Arizona where he spends the night wallowing in his crappy acting skills. Poor Drama! I love this guy.

In the end, Drama wakes up in his car as the boys call him to find out where the hell he’s been, and also to inform him that his show is a hit! Turns out it got great ratings. Should be interesting to see the dynamic between him and Vince, now that there’s more than one celebrity in the house.

Speaking of the house, it seems like the boys are gonna have to move out and find a smaller place – they’ll have less money to spend now that they bought the Mediian script for 5 million bucks! Like usual, Vince spends most of his time trying to get his dream movie made about Pablo Escobar. Ari and E are faithfully on his side, going back and forth with the money backers and producers – they have the script, and then they don’t. They have a chance and then they don’t. Vince decides to play hard ball for once, and with E’s money, they buy the script themselves and take on the challenging role of producers. Ari gets his favorite client back, as Vince agrees to resign with his company for all of the hard work Ari has been putting in to help.

Finally, Vince has a real shot at making this movie, which is good, because this storyline was getting too drawn-out and annoying. Now he can finally shut up, stop whining and just take off his shirt already.

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