Embrace the “Walk of Shame”

It’s 10am on a Friday morning and you are walking to class, which sucks because who wants class at 10am on a Friday, but nonetheless you are walking to class.

You wonder what possible good could come from being up at 10am on a Friday (um, your education maybe?) and then you see a fellow student walk by you in the quad. Is she on her way to class? Not unless she is trying to seduce her professor for an A. Decked to the nines in a skin-tight mini dress, you (all the while admiring the dress) think to yourself “where does this girl think she’s going at this hour?”

Actually, strike that. You never think that. It never even crosses your mind; we all know where she is going at this hour. Home. Her own home that is. Smudged mascara, heels in hand, messy hair and eyes glued to her feet, this girl is a dead ringer for… you guessed it: The infamous Walk of Shame.

But you see I have a bone to pick with the ‘Walk of Shame’. First of all, guys never have to undergo the cat-calls and embarrassing walks. Even if he is walking from a girls place back to his abode, most guys can make whatever ensemble they wore out the night before seem inconspicuous for the daytime stride. Secondly, what is so wrong with a night of hooking up? Absolutely nothing. Girls, we need to embrace the fact that we got some. If you feel shame for hooking up- then you probably shouldn’t have gone home with the guy in the first place.

I say from here on out, ladies, if you are walking home from a night with a guy (be it your boyfriend, or the random dude you met at the pizza shop at 2am–no judgment, I swear). You should be proud of the fact that you got yours. Stand proud and own that adorable little outfit you’ve got on like you are walking into the bar for the very first time. Who cares if all eyes are on you. And when the girls give you the ‘I’m totally judging you right now’ eyes and the boys whistle and yell “Walk of Shame!” look right back at them, shake your behind and reply coolly… “Yeah, I got Game!”

Oh Snap.

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