Graduation Gift Ideas


So you graduated. Whoop-de-do. Sure it’s amazing to be done with final exams/papers/all nighters and the like but who are you kidding? Is there anything to look forward to in the real world?

If you are like me, you are totally hesitant about becoming a Real Person with a real schedule and real responsibilities. And if you aren’t dreading the hard, fast and very rude awakening you are about to undergo, I’m here to tell you to jump on this train because it is going to suck.

But there is one thing to look forward to while you are home unpacking all your memories, sifting through pictures of your senior bar crawl and thinking about how it’s only downhill from here on out… graduation gifts! Now that deserves a whoop-de-do (with an exclamation point) !

Only problem is whenever I am put on the spot with a “What do you want for graduation?” it seems as though I can never think of anything and end up getting gifts I don’t really have any use for.

To solve that problem I am bringing you a list of gift ideas to get/give from parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, your mailman (how cool would you feel if you’re mailman actually got you a graduation gift?!) and so on.

iPod: If you don’t have one or if yours is outdated and has a shitty battery (ahem, mine) these make a great gift. The shuffle, nano and regular iPod hit three different price points making it an affordable gift option.

Starbucks Gift Card: Ah Starbucks, my addiction, my vice, the light of my life- if only you weren’t so damn overpriced I wouldn’t have to cringe everyday at your register. That’s why Starbucks gift cards are the best. Whether you will be a grad student, an underpaid journalist who can’t afford Starbucks any longer or a busy in a high powered-long hour’ed business world these cards are gifts from heaven.

Work Wardrobe: Sad as it is your daily sweats and sorority zip-up ensemble will no longer be appropriate for your 9-5er. But at least you get to go shopping! And with a gift certificate to your local mall, favorite department store or Banana Republic (great work clothes), you can get a new wardrobe at someone else’s expense. There is nothing better than that.

Digital Camera: Maybe I am the only one who is technologically cursed, but after 4 years, my digi cam, iPod and laptop have all taken a beating. Now is a good time to ask for a camera that is brand-spakin-new. Check Costco for great deals on Digital Cameras.

Gym Membership: Let’s face it, next year when you are paying your own way, and it comes down to a new shirt/a few extra drinks a month or paying for a gym membership you will choose the former. Getting a membership as a gift will give you no excuse to stay home on your bum.

Electronic organizer/blackberry/PDA: Any of these devices can help you stay organized and on top of things in the real world. This will of course make you effortlessly appear mature and professional (even though we all know it’s just a facade).

Money: Yes it’s boring, but this way you can save up for something you really want, or have some extra cash laying around to help pay for “real people” things like credit card bills, rent, insurance and such.

Scrapbook stuff/gift card: Not only is this a creative gift option but it will also give you something to do during the summer. Having a scrapbook with your favorite college pics is a great thing to pull out on those depressed, ‘take me back to freshman year’ days.

Congrats on graduating!

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