THE Pick-up Line Website … Hilarious

We’ve all heard them before: the dreaded pick-up line.

Most often, pick-up lines don’t accomplish what the pick-up liner has set out to achieve, which is getting the pick-up linee into or as close to, a bed, as possible. Sometimes, however, with the right heir of confidence, there is a diamond in the rough, which leads to someone gettin’ lucky.

And, sure, you can use Wikipedia to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Egypt’s Rosetta Stone or an in-depth history of Boy Meets World.

But where do you go when you need to prepare the perfect pick-up line for a Friday night?

Pickupedia: The Pick-Up Line Encyclopedia.

This site has it all, from the geeky and classic, “You are my density” to the ballsy and direct, “I wanted to come over and say ‘Hi’ so that you can hurry up and ask for my number,” to the cheesiest of the cheese, “Is that shirt felt? Would you like it to be?”

It even has a category called Pants and their Contents. These people did their research. You can never go wrong with a Pants and their Contents line, such as, “Is that a keg in your pants? Cause I wanna TAP THAT ASS.”

Feeling creative? Had a pick-up line experience of your own? Much like Wikipedia, you can add your own flavor to the mix.

Who knows….maybe your trash will be someone else’s treasure, and just what that person needs to get their pick-up linee into, or as close to, a bed, as possible.

Opposites DON’T attract: Jess and John are no more!
Opposites DON’T attract: Jess and John are no more!
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