Britney’s Comeback has Technical Difficulties

This is what you call a comeback?

Britney Spears’s performance at the House of Blues in Orlando on Saturday night apparently went very wrong. According to a source, while the mother of two was dancing and lip syncing to some of her old tunes, her CD skipped, causing Spears to momentarily freak out and “turn her back on the audience”.

The source continues, “when [the skipping] stopped, she turned around with this look on her face like she was gonna puke!!! I really felt bad for her. Then the thing started skipping really badly again!!! And then again and again. It was crazy.”

Do you care that Britney lipsyncs her live shows?

Some of the audience booed, other people cheered, and most were probably wondering why they had paid so much money for a 15 minute performance.

I admit I feel a little bad for Britney. Her life these days (along with her outfits), seems excruciating (not to mention the fact that she has kids. And is supposedly raising them. Somehow), but I mean, if you lip sync, what do you expect?

If you really want us to start taking you seriously, Brit, you might want to make good on the career label of “singer” and actually sing. Subtract a few chair humps and replace them with genuine vocal stylings, and maybe we’ll start to respect you, sweetheart.

(Oh. And by the way. You have kids. Who you’re supposed raising. Somehow)

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