My Newest Beauty Obsession

I’ve always been a lip gloss junkie, but C.O. Bigelow Ulta Menta Lip Shine has rocketed my obsession into Betty Ford status. I literally can’t get enough of this stuff. I have a tube in both of my purses, my desk at work, my make-up case, and a spare on my nightstand.

Even my boyfriend comments on how hooked I am. He doesn’t complain when I get the gloss shakes because he loves the taste (exactly like Sweet Mint Orbit Gum). I haven’t been keeping a running tally, but I have a feeling that my lips have gotten a lot more action since I’ve switched from Burt’s Bees to Bigelow…maybe 19% more action. Which isn’t half bad.

Not only does the gloss give your lips a nice shiny finish, it’s made with 100% mint flavor, and contains active levels of “therapeutic apothecary ingredients” which sounds nice…although I’m not sure what effect this has on your lips. Plus it’s not tasted on animals and contains no artificial colorants. At only $7.50 a pop, this an addiction you can afford to get hooked on.

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