My Brand Lust: Vince

Vince is hot. And no, I’m not talking about Adrian Grenier (although I wouldn’t mind that Vince next to my body all day long). This Vince, the Vince, in my mind, that everyone seems to be wearing, first hit the stores in 2003. But with prices just above the average shopper’s range, the luxurious tees and sweaters were mostly reserved for those with lots of cash.

But with the arrival of Vince in Bloomingdales this past fall, the clothing line slowly became somewhat affordable for us everyday girls. Yes, the prices are still a bit steep, but the fit and the fabric most certainly make up for the extra bit of cash you’ll have to save.

I had always wanted a Vince piece, but never felt the need for it. There was just no way to justify spending $55 on a tank when my bank account is hardly even on an Old Navy budget. I had never needed a piece, of course, until I actually went and felt the clothes. I had heard rumors that the fabric was orgasmic, which I just chocked up to hearsay. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I have touched many, many articles of clothing in my life and this was—by far—the best thing I had ever touched. It was like water rushing against my fingers. It was like puppy fur. It was like sex, but really really good sex. It was like all the best things in life placed delicately beneath my fingers… and for only the price of around 100 or so odd dollars.

Something so luscious never seemed so cheap.

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