American Idol Has Star Power. Oh, And Jordin Won.

Well, that was quite a spectacle last night, huh? From the pre-show on the red carpet to the countless appearances by huge stars, American Idol pulled out all the stops for the results show.

The first hour was pretty awesome, actually. Though I’m not a fan of Blake, he held it down with Doug E. Fresh. His beatboxing talent is undeniable, the singing voice is just a little shakey.

The group numbers with Smokey Robinson, and Gladys Knight were hugely entertaining.

The two old schoolers are still wonderful talents to watch, and though the Idol wannabes are perhaps not the most rhythmically gifted people (the choreography was just funny to watch), vocally they all sounded great.

Except for Sanjaya, of course. I am a HUGE Joe Perry fan. I think maybe he was the first guitar God that I fell in love with, and no matter how old he gets he still looks seriously, seriously hot. But why, American Idol producers did you have to make Sanjaya sing again? It was like watching a drunken frat boy sing karaoke badly. How much better would Gina have been? I love Gina.

Of the old Idols, I still love her the best. Her opening song was a little weird, and she started off with some pitch problems, but by the end I think she proved how good her voice is. And she was feeling that song—there’s no wrath like that of a woman scorned, huh? When she came back to sing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with my lover she sounded amazing. I could have done without her bouncing so much, but what are you gonna do?

Another great moment, I thought, was Melinda singing with BeBe, and CeCe Winans. How could the producers not cash in on the backup singer taking center stage with her old employers? But it was great, and they looked so proud of her. For the first time since the show began, I thought Melinda let loose a little bit. She did not, however, lose the perpetual state of shock. But I would have looked like that too singing with Gladys Knight.

Taylor Hicks—boring. And mediocre. Carrie Underwood—not a huge fan, but she was fine last night. Ruben Studdard—I always wanted him to do better than he has. His voice still sounds like honey, and his number with Jordin was precious (again with her dress in that one too!).

But after an hour, I was ready for the show to be over. I know we were pulling out all the stops, but Bette Midler can’t even really sing (whoa, that was bad), and I could have probably done without seeing the African Boys Choir again. By the end of the show, they had run over so much that announcing the winner seemed really rushed, and anti-climactic.

So Jordin won. What a huge surprise. She deserved it over Blake. If she deserved it over some of the other contestants, I’m not so sure. I can’t comment on her performance of This Is My Now last night cause that song is just so bad I couldn’t listen again, and turned it off.

If you just can’t wait for Jordin’s album to come out, you can order her pre-Idol demo, For Now. If you just haven’t gotten enough of this season’s Idols, you can already get your tickets for the tour.

If you’re like me, you’re just happy it’s over, and hopefully we’ll never hear from some of those contestants again.

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