Britney Shoots Up

Our dear Brit Brit has developed a new form of addiction according to recent reports: vitamin injections. In particular, B12 shots. I’m sure that you are all disappointed that I didn’t out Ms. Spears for being a heroin addict, although with the way her “comebacks” are going, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Supposedly, she has been getting these injections before shows for extra energy and now “craves” the vitamins. Really? I find that hard to believe and feel it’s just another kooky thing that Britney is doing to keep her going. Remember the Kabbalah phase?

“A source told the New York Daily News newspaper, ‘She was calling around for a doctor to give her a B-12 shot. A doctor shot her up before her show.'”

Well I can’t say that these shots worked to improve her lack luster performance, but she was magically able to party till 5 am that night and then she stripped down to her bikini in public. Thanks B12 for giving us even more Brit coverage to eat up in the media.

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