The BEST Beauty Bargain Website!

I definitely would not consider myself a beauty junkie. I enjoy new products and like experimenting with makeup, I mean, what girl doesn’t? But the overwhelming amount of new stuff coming out each season seems almost impossible to really stay on top of.

Besides the fact that in college, most girls don’t have unlimited funds to spend on super expensive beauty products. We’re lucky to have a few free minutes in between classes and events to run down to the drugstore for a new tube of mascara. So, when a good deal and new brand comes along that catches my eye, I feel the need to share it with the masses who would appreciate it, aka CC readers.

ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) makeup is my new obsession and recent splurge that I actually don’t feel too guilty about. Why? Because EVERYTHING on the website is only $1! Yes, that is right girls, just one freakin dollar for lip glosses, eye shadow pallets, all over color sticks and so much more…I bought ten items for a total of ten dollars plus some shipping, and voila, I’ve already got 10 things for the price of one product normally. Can’t beat that excitement for a boring summer day.

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