Who’s Leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

(Warning: If you’ve TiVoed the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and for some reason haven’t gotten around to watching it, and haven’t been reading magazines lately, or watching TV, don’t continue reading. Spoilers ahead. For all of you slow people)

Oh no! Preston Burke is leaving! I mean, George is leaving! I…I mean…

What do I mean? I’m not quite sure, and neither may ABC. The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy ended in a few cliffhangers, two of which were Dr. Burke’s quick exit from Christina’s apartment after she made him wait at the alter, and George’s failed exam which gave him the choice of being an intern again or leaving—guess which one it seems like he’s choosing?

The controversy on the Grey’s set (no, not Meredith’s stringy hair or constant bad decisions) that may have sparked these cliffhangers still seems to be in the air, and ABC might be getting its audience ready for a decision that’s already been made. The question is, whose decision was it?

Is T.R Knight leaving because of how he’s been treated on the set? Is Isaiah Washington moving on because everyone hates him and his homophobia? Possibly. But it’s also possible that ABC is having a great time playing up the controversy in a lame attempt to get ratings for next year.

Stay tuned! (I’m not sure if I will, but that’s just because I’m allergic to constant angst)

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