Win Him Over with Some Sports Talk

No, it’s not a requirement. But it’s also no secret that for most guys, a girl who can talk sports (even if only a little bit) increases her attractiveness exponentially. “But I don’t know a lick about sports,” you say. Fear not… I’m here to fill you in on everything you need to know so that you can impress that hunky guy who’s throwing around the football on the beach this weekend.

The Week that WasThe Yankees took 2 out of 3 from the Red Sox. I hate both of these teams as much as anyone, but they do in fact dominate the baseball landscape, and so that’s an easy conversation starter (even if you’re getting him talking about how much you both hate those two teams).

You should know that the Sahx still hold a ginormous lead over the Yanks. Oh yeah, it’s quite possible that Roger Clemens will pitch next week, and now would be a great time to get a guy going about how ridiculous it is that he won’t have to travel with the team on days he’s not pitching.

The Ottawa Senators are playing the Anaheim Ducks for the Stanley Cup, which starts on Monday. That’s the prize they give out in the National Hockey League, which yes, still exists. I personally couldn’t give a rat’s ass about hockey, but if you live in the Midwest or northeast, the possibility of meeting a hockey fan does exist. I haven’t a clue who’s gonna win, so feel free to pick one team and run with it. But almost everyone can relish in the fact that the Red Wings are out of it. Any hockey lover (outside of Michigan, of course) will be pleased that you’re excited by their demise.

In the NBA playoffs, both Detroit and San Antonio have taken 2-0 leads in their best-of-7 series’ against Cleveland and Utah, respectively. These two teams seem to be on a collision course to meet in their second finals in the last three years. And very few people will watch. Still, you can fire up any guy by talking saying that with three titles to his name already, Tim Duncan is shadily the best player since Michael Jordan retired. Or about how you wish someone would knock Bruce Bowen on his ass.

On Tap for the Weekend –

Outside of the two NBA series’ and the Stanley Cup getting underway, this is a big weekend for the lower tiered sports. In tennis, the French Open gets underway. There aren’t too many tennis fans around these days, but you could get away with seeing if a guy thinks that this will be the year that Roger Federer finally beats Rafael Nadal on the clay.

Also, the Indy 500 is this weekend, which NOBODY cares about, until a few days beforehand, when everyone starts asking if this will be the year that Danica Patrick finally wins. Most guys don’t care, but they’ll talk about her anyway, because she’s super hot.

That really covers it. As long as you know the basics, the clever girls that you are should totally be able to bullshit the rest. And it won’t take much at all, what with alcohol usually helping things along. But if you can talk the sports talk, it wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t point out the physical differences between a football and a baseball. Most guys will be putty in your hands.

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