An Ingenious Way to Make Money, If Only I Didn’t Have Morals

If I put all the clothes I’ve ever given away into one place, it could probably fill up my entire bedroom, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Over time I’ve made disastrous shopping purchases I was more than willing to give to Goodwill.

But the times I have painstakingly attempted to sell my clothes for a bit of extra cash, they never take the bait.

It is always incredibly perplexing as to what they do take. One time during a serious dough drought, I decided to sell some of my lesser worn yet well-known articles of clothing. Amidst an entire trash bag of recent goods the numbskulls took one item: a hot pink, crew neck, Lycra-cotton blend shell from the Gap OUTLET that dated back to ’98.

And again this fall, after toting six trash bags across town so I could attempt to make my rent, I got back eight dollars in store credit. Not to mention I had already spent that much on transportation plus the extra $25 from the fun new things I purchased at the store. All-in-all, the consignment industry just leaves my closet and my wallet barer than they began.

Enter the Label Whores; ladies that have taken the preposterous consignment shutdown and turned it into a social experiment garnered towards the fashion industry. With old labels sewn into just-purchased clothes, the Jezebel girls were able to pass off those “old duds” and even make a profit. Granted, before they were to be purchased they had to take them to the dry cleaners.

At least now I know that the few bucks I might have made trying to sell my clothes aren’t worth the hassle of the whole process. Unless, of course, I decide to break out my needle and thread…

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