All Girl Colleges’ Enrollment Drops….Obvi.

In my experience, putting a lot of college age girls together can be fun for awhile, but pretty soon, it gets very intense and boys are needed to balance out the hormones. During my days of living in a sorority, I would yearn for the moments when I could get away and hang out with my boyfriend and his friends for a jolt of much needed testosterone in my life.

I could not imagine going to a college campus where the only students enrolled were female. To me, that seems to take away so much of the fun of college.

The New York Times reports that enrollment for women-only colleges has decreased drastically, and this has resulted in schools such as Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY shutting its doors forever. Somehow, this does not surprise me.

“Marymount struggled to retain students and attract new ones. For example, in 2004, 45 percent of Marymount’s freshmen did not return to the college for their sophomore year. In 2005, Marymount had only about 800 students enrolled and Fordham announced the college would close its doors in 2007 — on its 100th anniversary.”

Although the idea of a women only college is empowering and I’m sure has a lot of significance for those who went there, it seems that not many incoming students have the desire to go to such places.

“In recent years, small women’s colleges nationwide have seen enrollment plunge as women increasingly opted for coed institutions.” NYT

The original mission of these colleges was for women to have the option to go to college and become leaders, when so many were denied entry from higher education 100 years ago, which is amazing.

But, the times, they are a’changin, and co-ed is now the way to go.

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