The Bloggers’ New Obsession: Allison Stokke

If you need proof of just how much media, and, more specifically, Internet blogs, now have complete control over our culture in a way that seems to hypnotize us all, look no further than Allison Stokke.

Who the hell is Allison Stokke, you might ask?

Allison Stokke is an 18-year-old California high school student, winner of the 2004 California state pole vaulting competition and University of California scholarship earner. It also just so happens that Allison Stokke is what males would refer to as “totally smoking.”

It all started with the simple snap of this picture. Now, Allison Stokke is one of the most popular searches on the Internet and has been absolutely bombarded by Myspacers, sports bloggers, journalists and creepy men alike.

The only problem is, Allison and her family hate all of this newfound attention – especially the blog on With Leather that turned her into a sex symbol literally, overnight. Soon after, Stokke and an entire article written about her made the front page of the Washington Post – a place usually reserved for actual current events, like….um….yea, that little war that’s been going on.

Stokke speaks out about her unwanted fame in this clip.

While I feel bad for this girl, (it’s not like she’s Lohan, who keeps going out at night, asking for it) she never asked for this and seems genuine in simply wanting to be an athlete and nothing more) I don’t think she should keep putting herself in the public eye. (see more photos after the jump)

It’s only going to make men look at her more and say gross things, just like one of the guys who blogged:

1. I’d hit it.

2. I would like to hit it.

3. I certainly would like to partake in some Stokkey Pokey (and turn myself around/THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!)

4. No, I mean it. I would break it off in that and never look back.

5. What’s a pole vault?

I’m sure all the buzz surrounding her won’t die down anytime soon, being that our society eats up modest, pretty girls who photograph well and speak their minds. And this posting here on College Candy certainly won’t make Allison Stokke’s problems any better.

Sorry, Allison! I guess the only real solution here would be for you to stop pole vaulting and start eating a LOT of cake. Click here for more photos.

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