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Bored? Put Some Stuff On Your Cat


Do you like to put stuff on your cat?

That random question headlines an even odder website,

What is this website all about? Well, it’s a little place in cyberspace dedicated to pictures of cats with stuff on them. Cats with teacups on them, cats with shoes on them, cats with baby clothes on them…just pictures and pictures of cats covered in stuff.

It sounds strange, but once you go there, you’ll find it hard to look away. Most of the cats are adorable. Some are freaky. All of them have owners who have found time to throw things on top of them.

Lest you think is a passing fad, the website has been mentioned in The Washington Post, Elle Girl, and GQ magazine (among others) and gets an average of 50 comments a day on a single post. There are also Stuffonmycat calendars, mousepads, sweatshirts, postcards, and a glossy coffee table book.

What are we dealing with here? Why is this site so popular?

Who knows. It could be the randomness of the idea (their tagline: stuff + cats = awesome), the cuteness of the cats, or the thought of being semi-famous yourself when a picture of your cat one day appears. Whatever the equation, has been saved in my Favorites List for years, and I have no explanation as to why.