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Allison Stokke, Sex Symbol and Incoming Freshman


Allison Stokke‘s dream of becoming the world’s best pole vaulter seems to have been replaced by another dream: to be removed from the sexual spotlight that Internet bloggers have brightly shined on her over the course of the past few weeks.

As we’ve all probably seen by now, the second With Leather introduced Allison to the non-athletic world, the media has stuck to her like glue, painting her the picture of a young, adolescent sex symbol, barely out of high school. Her and her family have grown more and more uneasy with the unwanted attention, and her boyfriend’s douchebagginess has even come into question, thanks to all of her jealous male fans, who wish she’d do something with their poles instead. Ohhh, snap!

This summer is big for Allison, as she is preparing to compete in the Nike Nationals. There are rumors that Nike itself wants to sign her up for an actual marketing deal, although nothing at all has been confirmed.

Even if Nike did come to her, I don’t think she would accept, being that she hates the fact she’s more famous for being hot than an athlete at this point, and the company would more than likely try to bank on her looks and all of the media hubbub than anything else. She definitely does not seem to want any more attention – especially in print ads and on TV – for now at least, and I don’t blame her. (more pics after the jump)

Allison is also getting ready this summer to become an official college student at the University of California. HOLY HELL. That is going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S for her and everyone who has a class with her, or shares a dorm with her, or sees her at a keg party. If there’s any way for her to get even more publicity, it’s through college. The drinking, the sex, the mixing and mingling with fellow classmates – so many people will undoubtedly try and befriend her, take advantage of her and snap pictures of her (which will show up on the Internet within minutes). Her college experience should be very interesting to say the least, and we’ll be sure to keep you nice and updated with every piece of juicy gossip.

As for the gross, pervy, fratty college guys at the University of California, they should be prepping their pick-up lines to use on her right about….now.

I see many, many more pole references in Allison Stokke’s future.

UPDATE 4.15.08 – Check out Allison’s new Cal Pole Vauting Pics