Road Trippin’: Destination…Bonnaroo

When your summer internship has ceased to become a refreshing break from academia and you start feeling a little like Kerouac and begin to dream of the open road, perhaps it’s time to fold your power-suit for the weekend and hit up a summer music festival, not just any summer music festival, Bonnaroo in particular. Like most of you, missing Coachella broke my heart, but that gaping hole can be eased with a little sun, gas station snackage, and a weekend of dancing your little feet off until you can stuff them back into heels for the office.

Bonnaroo: June 14-17, Manchester, Tennessee

Do you ever wish you should stumble through makeshift tents erected out of multi-colored tapestries interspersed with North Face nylon numbers, reeking of red wine, special brownie crumbs on your dirty t-shirt, a blunt in one hand and a delicious vegan burrito in the other? Well you best get packing and head down to Tennessee to join the throngs of drug addled music lovers.

Technically, it’s the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, but if you call it by its full name be prepared to be mocked by red-eyed hippies with dreadlocks. It’s a four-day, multi-stage camping festival that brings artists of all different genres, from the Police to Tool (both of which are playing this year, oh yes). Besides the music, on the festival site is a classic arcade, cinema, silent disco (which sounds more than a little awk), comedy club, theater performers, and a beer festival (oh hells yes).

For its sweet vibe, smooth logistics, and crazy entertainment options, Rolling Stone named the fest one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll. Come on, you need to get a piece of this action.

Expect to See: Girltalk, The National, Lily Allen, Spoon, Ziggy Marley, The Decemberists, White Stripes, The Police, Kings of Leon, Hot Chip, Pete Yorn

Tickets Run: $199-214 (But can you ever put a price on youthful distraction?)

Jobs, Apartments and Sex Toys; OH MY
Jobs, Apartments and Sex Toys; OH MY
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