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Eight Ways to Conceal Your Booze…


Unless you’re a terribly unfortunate soul, I suspect at some point in the next three months you’ll find yourself enjoying the great outdoors, perhaps lounging on the beach in your new bikini, hitting a few balls at the driving range, or having a romantic picnic with your summer boy-toy.

Unlike far sweeter countries like Germany we can’t drink outdoors here, which is a crying shame if you ask me. While I wish I could spend my summer drinking beers on the subway in Berlin (only the best way to pre-game ever), I’m stuck in the USA, for better or worse, until I can raise some much needed capital to get me out of here and canoodling with manly Deutsch men and their oh so alluring accents.

So in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few good ways to still get buzzed while working on your tan. No brown bags either—looking like a hobo has never been in style, unless you count the grungy 90s I suppose…

1.Flask: A classic choice for the sly lush.

2. Flask Flops: Stylish and thirst quenching footwear from the geniuses who brought us bottle-openers on the bottom of sandals. These babies are called Reef Dam Sandals and hold about four shots.

3.Nalgene: Usually associated with hippies and mountaineers, you can conceal a big fatty gin and tonic (looks like water with lime) in one of these stylishly tinted and virtually indestructible water bottles.

4.This one is for the golfers among us. It looks like a regulation driver, but its secret is the one-button dispensing pump.

5. Famous Stadium Sippin’ Seat: When you would rather sit on your ass and get wasted rather than actually pretend to golf, this comfortable seat is for you. It holds about three good-sized cups of your favorite drink.

6. Cell Phone Flask: A clever little spin-off of the classic flask. Also check out Binoculars (16 oz) and Beer Can Wraps a clever way to transform your Keystone Light into a Diet Coke. Brilliant!