A Weapon of Mass Absorption.

My mom insists I carry around a small tube of pepper spray even though it’s illegal; which is why I was so taken by the pink stinger when I first saw it. Cute and compact, this tampon shaped stun gun is just what every girl needs for protection.

The Pink Stinger can be used in two modes: stun setting and zap mode. In stun setting you simply need to put the two rods against skin or clothing which can leave your perpetrator “disoriented, demoralized and embarrassed.” Zap mode, however, is the coolest of them all. The two tiny shocking extra absorbent tampons are actually shot out of their “zapplicators” and attach themselves to your attacker. With nitrogen powered hydraulics and fourteen feet of wire, you don’t even need to be that close to cause “central nervous system disruption, possible urination and certain humiliation.” Awesome.

A tampon shaped stun gun… I mean what could be more convenient or discreet? Unless, of course, you reach for the wrong tampon… now that could give YOU the shock of a lifetime.

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