The Lesbian Hot 100

Not only is Ellen Degeneres f*cking funny, but she has single-handedly inspired thousands of women in media to come out of the closet and still prove powerful. (named after Ellen’s brave decision to come out on her popular sitcom, before the show was unfairly cancelled) is a website where same-sex oriented women can go to blog, meet, share and feel accepted.

AfterEllen has created a list of the hottest women in showbiz. What makes this list different from, let’s say, , is that it laughs in the face of the Lohan (#1 on Maxim and #79 on AfterEllen) and other stereotypical hotties.

Instead, women like Tina Fey, America Ferrera and Queen Latifah are considered sexy.

Even though I’m a straight female, I think this is totally empowering. The women on this list just seem to have more to offer – talent, brains AND a physical attractiveness. That’s a lot more than the typical hussies with t*ts and ass have to say, which is….well, not much at all.

Girl Power

(Photos of the Top 20 after the jump)


A Weapon of Mass Absorption.
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