Broadway Jakie Gyllenhaal?

He must have heard about me being a playwright, and in a sweetly desperate attempt to get to know me, decided to give theater a try.

That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. reports that my boyfriend, aka Jake Gyllenhaal, is considering a fall run on Broadway in a new play entitled Farragut North. The political drama would center on an “idealistic communications director” working for the campaign of a political candidate supposedly based of 2004 Presidential nominee Howard Dean.

(Who, for the record, I never stopped liking. Even after he went Incredible Hulk at that rally.)

Gyllenhaal hasn’t committed to the play just yet, but you can guess that as soon as he does, I will A) let you know and B) buy a front row ticket for as long as that show runs*.

(*as soon as I win the lottery)

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