Don’t Be a Couch Fat-Tato

Not gonna lie; since college ended, TV has become a huge part of my life. And thanks to the brilliant minds behind TiVo, I don’t even have to suffer through those annoying commercial breaks anymore. (Though I do love the new Mac commercials and find myself stopping to watch ’em).

And according to some dude in Chicago, that is making me fatter!

Recent studies have shown that people tend to eat more when they are watching TV shows that they like. Because their minds are focused on the entertainment from the TV they do not focus on the food they are ingesting or the feelings of fullness being sent by the brain.

Which all means that I don’t pay attention to the amount of Cheetos I am shoving in my face during an episode of The Simple Life because I am paying far too much attention to Nicole Richie’s rib cage peeking through her skin. And it doesn’t matter that my Cheetos are baked, damnit! I am eating way more than I want/need/would eat if I was not watching TV or watching something far less entertaining…like the last season of The O.C.

In fact, the study shows that people eat 44% more food when watching TV than they would if they actually paid attention to what they were eating! 44%! Imagine how much skinnier I would be if reality TV never existed. I could look like Angelina Jolie (minus those veiny hands of hers) if it weren’t for re-runs of Law and Order on TNT 24/7!

Knowing the facts is the first step towards fixing the TV weight gain-age problem. The best options for avoiding it are to 1) stop snacking in front of the TV (which is the worst option ever), or 2) bring smaller portion sizes to the couch. If you run out of food your brain will be forced to pay attention and realize that maybe you aren’t still hungry after all. And then you might be able to get back into those jeans for the few times in your post-college life that you actually make it out on the town.

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