Don’t SWEAT Those Job Interviews

You scored an interview for the job of your dreams. Your suit is clean and crisp, and not a hair is out of place. You arrive at your interview feeling nervous but confident and ready to impress. You meet your interviewer, you shake hands, and…yeah…sweat city. AWESOME.

Sound familiar? Excessive sweating is quite common in nerve-racking situations such as interviews, blind dates, and public speaking…and clammy hands are certainly not the way to make a great first impression on your boss-to-be.

Regardless of where and how severely you sweat, there is a solution. DriOff Gel from Hill Dermaceuticals helps to tame your perspiration.

What’s best about DriOff Gel is that it can be used anywhere on the body where sweating occurs, including palms, feet, underarms, skin folds, cleavage, and even the upper lip. Whether you’re bundled up underneath winter’s myriad layers and burning up indoors, basking in the sun on a blistering July afternoon, or suffering from a textbook case of anxiety, DriOff Gel is the solution to all of your wetness dilemmas.

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