More Sports Talk for the Single Gal

“More sports?” you’re asking? Well, yes, especially if you’ve already given a new guy the impression that you at least kind of know what you’re talking about. I can’t stress enough the importance of at least feigning like you know what’s going on, because there are no limits to how hot sports-loving guys find girls who also seem to like sports. So what, if anything, should you be discussing this week? Here’s the rundown:

The NBA Finals – It’s the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Cleveland Lebrons, (ahem, I mean) Cavaliers, and after three games, it hasn’t been much of a series at all. The Spurs, led by Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, have simply dominated thus far, and with Lebron James being totally stymied by the Spurs terrific team defense, this series hasn’t even been worth watching. And that’s a shame, because the Spurs are easily the best team of this decade, and they are entirely under appreciated. Girls, do yourselves a favor. If you’ve ever liked or been interested in basketball at all, take some time on Thursday night to watch Game 4 of this series. Watching the Spurs’ offensive execution is absolutely a thing of beauty. And for you Desperate Housewives-loving girls, you can always get off on watching Parker, the soon to be Mr. Eva Longoria, as he flashes his quickness all over the court. Just so you know, if the Cavs win one game in this series, it’ll be a terrific accomplishment.

The French Open – A lot of excitement over the last two weeks in the world of tennis, but the results had a very similar feel to them. That’s because the tournament ended the same way it did each of the last two years, with Justine Henin-Hardenne and Rafael Nadal hoisting the Women’s and Men’s Championship trophies. Nadal once again got the best of Roger Federer, ensuring that Federer’s quest for that elusive first French Open title will continue for at least another year. This tournament also served as further evidence that American tennis players simply stink when forced to play on clay, as only Serena Williams reached even the Quarterfinals of either draw. In fact, American men were so bad that no player even reached the second round! Sad… Hopefully, American tennis will have more success as the circuit heads to the grass courts of Wimbledon in a couple weeks. The truth is, many guys don’t care about tennis. But if you live in the Northeast or West Coast, you’re much more likely to run into a boy who used to play tennis, and probably still follows it, so this information can be useful.

Baseball – It’s Interleague time! Those two weeks in June when baseball decides to switch it up and have American League teams play their counterparts in the National League. This fan-friendly bit of scheduling affords fans the opportunity to see teams and players they otherwise would only get to see on TV, and also provides the sporting world with exciting (sort of) matchups like Kansas City vs. Philadelphia, and my beloved Atlanta Braves facing the Twins of Minnesota. With 90 or so interleague games already in the books, the Junior Circuit (AL) is once again dominating its Senior counterpart (the NL… major bonus points if you can throw out the lingo!), already holding a 20 game advantage. There’s no getting around it. The American League is simply the better league right now, and I don’t see any vast changes on the horizon.

Also worth noting… Barry Bonds, who besides being the best hitter our generation has ever seen and who may or may not also be the biggest steroid user that Major League Baseball has ever seen, is now nine home runs away from becoming the all-time home run king. This is much to the chagrin of just about every person who’s ever called themselves a baseball fan. Girls, I promise you. Walk into any sports bar, approach any guy you want, and tell him that you think Barry’s been getting a bad rap. Sure, you might get the guy really fired up, but I for one can tell you that nothing gets my libido going like having a heated argument with a sexy female sports-talker.

Professional Golf’s US Open is this coming weekend, but unless you live in the south, or are hitting on men older than 30, the likelihood is that your guy won’t care, so don’t even bother.

Ladies, I implore you… don’t look at this article as fluff that you don’t really need. Obviously, as girls, you all carry a major advantage over guys in that, basically, we’ll do whatever it takes to try and get in your pants. But as easy as it should be for you, why not make it even that much easier? If you can talk sports with a guy, you’re more or less giving yourselves the pick of the litter. So take this knowledge that I’ve bestowed on you, and run with it. Sports never stops, so if you’re gonna use them as a way in (which you should), you should also be prepared to keep up the facade!

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