Posh Needs To Eat Something

Everyday there’s something new in the gossip columns about Nicole Richie’s skeletal frame. And there’s no doubt about it—girl needs to eat! She looks like she could be blown over by a gust of wind. All those pregnancy rumors? I honestly hope not cause that’s going to be one seriously unhealthy little baby.

Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth also face a lot of scrutiny over their diminished frames. They can lie all they want about being healthy, but their rib cages poking out say otherwise. Actually Kate’s looking a little healthier, so that’s good. Mmmm food…isn’t it good, Kate?

OK, so all these girls are uber-skinny, and I’m obviously sort of a hater. You can call it jealousy, and it partially is. I eat a piece of lettuce and its girth is immediately added to the side of my thighs. And it makes me maaaaaaad. I really, really just want a cheeseburger, but my butt can’t handle the added pounds. But I would much rather look like the lovely Kate Winslet than any of these scary looking pre-pubescent shaped actresses.

What makes me even more mad, though, is image they portray to women. When my friend’s 13 year-old sister said she thought Nicole Ritchie had the perfect body I almost shoved a sheet of Oreos down her throat right then and there. I mean, really?

But instead of always commenting on Nicole (she’s obviously not enjoying the paps lately anyway) why the hell does no one ever say anything about Victoria Beckham?

She reportedly has a 23 inch waist—which, after doing some research, I learned is equivalent to the waist of a seven year old child! Some people are naturally really skinny—and Victoria is obviously one of them— but if you look at Posh over the years, she’s definitely been withering away.

No wonder Mr. So-Freaking-Hot-Until-He-Opens-His-Mouth-David-Beckham has supposedly had affairs over the years. He probably injures himself on her pointy little hip bones! It has to hurt.

I suppose I can handle her strutting her non-existent legs around in the ugliest clothes you’ve seen this side of 1987 (oh my God—you’re supposed to be POSH Spice, not HUSSY Spice). What I can’t handle though is VB’s total hypocrisy. She banned the use of size 0 models to promote her Rock & Republic clothing line saying they give off a poor example for young girls, and yet probably has to shop at Gap Kids to find clothes that fit her.

Posh has talked about her eating disorder in the past, but instead of exalting her now for her honesty, why isn’t anyone talking to her about her obvious relapse? Her cheeks are actually indented now!

I know this whole thing has sounded like sort of a tirade against skinny girls, but what I really should be saying is—get some help, ladies. It’ll be a great day when healthy, fuller figured girls a la Cindy Crawford come back into style.

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