Dads Who Thankfully Aren’t Yours

Father’s Day isn’t just about appreciating your dad for who he is—but also, for who he is not.

Entertainment Weekly has provided you with a list of twelve TV dads who you should thank your amazing father for being nothing like.

I know, I know, you’re dad isn’t perfect. But has he ever dragged you into his dangerous, clandestine mob life? Stolen money from all of your friends’ parents? Hired a man to seduce you and sweep you away to a foreign country just to get you out of his life? Yea, didn’t think so.

Some of EW’s choices are kind of random. Mike Brady? J.R. Ewing? (I don’t know who he is either. Apparently some bad-ass cowboy dad from Dallas.) I would’ve replaced them with Thatcher Grey and Charles Bing (Chandler’s dad from Friends).

Thatcher blaming Meredith for his late wife’s death, banning her from the funeral and smacking her in front of her colleagues definitely trumps Mike Brady’s absence at Greg’s graduation. And Charles Bing vs. J.R. Ewing? I’d take a cowboy over an estranged drag queen any day.

So, this Father’s Day, praise your dad for all the times he’s resisted talking to a puppet, putting you in a mental institution and mistaking you for a boy. And realize that even if your dad isn’t the best, he sure as hell isn’t the worst. See who made the list after the jump.


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