Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

There are only two days left to buy the guy who never forgets to call you back the perfect Father’s Day gift. But what does a middle aged man really want besides a jumbo screen TV, a flashy car, and a prolonged vacation on a tropical island? Probably lots of other very expensive things we can’t afford.

All kidding aside, finding something your dad will actually like can be a difficult task. This is why I have arranged ideas by budget in order to get your gift giving vibes flowing:

If you’re loaded: Maybe you have a killer summer job or maybe you run some type of sketchy monetary operation. Either way, you’re looking to spend the big bucks on dad. membership- $19.95/mo ($240/yr)- Dads are known as universal masters of the grill. This website will send your dad two new barbecue sauces each month to experiment with. This is a plus for you if you like to eat because it will prompt your dad to throw some steaks or ribs onto the fire.

Snap-On Tools-$25-$500- Not all dads are handymen, but some can get pretty serious about their tools. Snap On tools are revered in male circles as one of the most respectable tool brands. Get a male friend or boyfriend to chat your dad up and see which tool he’s lacking. Then head online to You may want to check out eBay before making any purchases, because some of these items can cost more than a crappy car.

Bose headphones-$100-$350- Dads are hard workers. If your dad commutes, he’d probably enjoy a pair of noise canceling headphones to chill out with some music before and after his busy day at the office. Check out to compare styles and prices.

If you’ve got a respectable amount of cash: This category is probably where anyone with a halfway decent summer job would fall. You may only make slightly over minimum wage but you’ve been saving and you want to treat dad to something special.

Tickets- $5-$100-Tickets are a fairly broad gift that can be personalized according to the likes of your father. Treat him to a baseball game or a concert of his favorite band. If he’s a movie buff, take him out to see a new action flick. Tickets have a wide array of prices so if you find mid-range seats, you’ll have a decent view of whichever event you choose and you won’t break the bank. Plus, your dad will love spending time with you! Check out for prices and dates.

Food-$20-$50-It’s hard to go wrong with food. Treat your dad to brunch on his special day. MSN has compiled a list of major cities and great brunch locations here:

If you’re far from a big city, or feel overwhelmed by the never ending list of spots to dine, ask your dad where he would like to go. Remember, today is his day and even if he likes liver and onions (Doug Funnie reference, anyone?) you should just deal.

If you’re slacking in the financial area: OK you don’t have a job, but you still have a few bucks to spare. Don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. You just need to get a little crafty.

Remote N Go Universal Keychain R2 Mini-$8-$12-Does your dad incessantly lose the remote control, or get pissed when you do? This tiny remote has the ability to control most televisions, cable, and satellite boxes. Plus it can easily fit onto a key chain, making it more difficult to lose because if your keys are missing, you have bigger problems than not being able to change a television station. You may want to compare prices, but Google has

at the time of their product search.

Dad Rock-$9-$12-You know it’s distinctive sounds the minute the first notes play. It’s Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Neil Young, the stuff your dad’s been listening to since you were six. You can’t afford to pay for concert tickets, and that’s fine. Buy him a CD or a DVD of a classic concert. has an impressive selection of musical artists and albums. Now your dad won’t have to wait until “Don’t Stop Believing” comes on the radio to start rocking out.

If you don’t have a penny: Shame on you. Just kidding, kind of. You haven’t had a job for months, and you can barely afford to step outside your front door. However, you’re still a kind, caring individual and wish to show your dad you care without the financial element. It’s time to get creative.

Chores-Free-The only things this gift will cost you are time and some energy. Take over some of the chores that you know your father hates the most. Complete the tasks thoroughly and smile while doing them. It’s just this once. Remember while you’re off at college, dads are left to handle these chores on their own.

Ecards-Free-I would suggest pairing this gift with the above. Otherwise, your effort may be percieved as kind of…lame. and

offer a wide variety of Ecards bursting with colors and graphics. This may entertain dad for a few minutes. Remember to write something cute in the “add your own text” portion to win him over.

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