Man-Boob Reduction: The Newest Dude Fad?

By the time we hit our twenties, most girls have thought about getting a boob job. Even if we would never really consider going under the knife, we’ve at least discussed it with friends, joked about it, or secretly researched how much it would cost to turn ourselves in Pam Anderson. Society is big on boobs.

Unless you’re a guy.

Sure, men supposedly think about tits all day long, but actually having them isn’t something most men relish. Unlike their female counterparts, man boobs aren’t appealing, and in today’s beauty-obsessed world, our fixation on breasts might actually be working against the very species that invented it.

According to an article in the New York Times, more young adult males are getting breast reduction surgery than ever before.

“The number of boys ages 13 to 19 who had breast reduction surgery last year is equal to the total number of all men who had the procedure just two years earlier, in 2004” explains the article, which goes on to say that the biggest reason for this jump may be the rise in obesity among kids. Although there is a condition called gynecomastia, a medical normalcy of larger breasts on males, the rate of plastic surgery to correct the condition has jumped, as have purely cosmetic chest reconstruction surgeries.

According to The National Institutes of Health, many boys who suffer from enlarged breasts may find their chests shrink to normal size once puberty finishes freaking out their hormones, but even still, claims the article, “in a society that values chiseled abs and Rafael Nadal biceps, adolescent boys are willing to resort to surgery to fix problems their bodies might resolve later on their own.”

In addition to childhood obesity and the occasional medical condition, researchers have also found that steroids are causing more and more abnormal sized male breasts. Although the drugs pump up a body’s testosterone, once a person stops taking them, their hormone levels can fluctuate wildly.

With a price tag of $4,000 to $10,000, and many of the patients paying for the procedures themselves, male breast reconstruction carries a pretty hefty price tag—but not hefty enough to stop record numbers of men from doing it.

These days, no matter what sex you are, self-esteem can be corrected by a nip and a tuck and a day of bed rest. Bigger boobs or no boobs, there’s a doctor out there who’d like to help.

Meanwhile, poor people like myself are relegated to push-up bras and exercise.

How archaic.

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