Say cheese! (made from breast milk)

File this under S-I-C-K.

A French website, advertising a farm called Le Petit Singly, claims to sell a special type of cheese…made out of human breast milk.

The site—which is in French, therefore making it impossible for me to truly know what’s going on—claims that women’s breast milk has a light “hazelnut” flavor and every single one of their wedges is certified organic (which means the women who “donated” had to be on a vegetarian, organic diet themselves).

If you want my two cents, I think the whole thing is a hoax. Who in their right mind would donate extra boob juice so someone could make it into cheese?

I can actually believe there are people out there who would want to try it, but unless these mothers are making bank, I can’t imagine anyone allowing some farmer to curdle milk that came out of their breasts. Is nothing sacred anymore?!

Just grab a nice slice of cheddar and leave the B Milk to the babies. They’re the ones who actually need it.

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