The Forbes Celebrity 100

Remember senior superlatives? Ya know, who was best dressed, most outgoing, best looking, etc? Everyone wanted to be voted one of the top people in their class. (Yea, I got voted the Miss Congeniatlity of my sorority — What? I’m not afraid to give myself a little pat on the back.)

Well, ladies, the list that ALL of the Hollywood elite want to be on just hit the web today: The Forbes Celebrity 100. Unlike most celeb compilations, this one has nothing to do with hottness or ugliness for that matter. You have to be not only rich, but really powerful to be on this guy. Seriously, it’s the ultimate ‘A’ list.

I wasn’t surprised to see Oprah at #1. She is the shit and she makes a buttload of cash. But what I found hilarious and awesome was the fact that all of Hollywoods bad girls (i.e. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears) didn’t make the cut. Sorry girls, I guess you aren’t as powerful as you thought.

Photos of the Top 20 after the Jump.


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