What NOT To Do After College!

Graduate from college. Check. Get an apartment in the city I want to work. Check. Get a job. Well…that’s in the works, shall we say. But regardless, I have checked off two major life goals. The apartment step happened very recently and caused me to quickly realize that I will be dealing with grown-up adult scenarios in the near future. *Think landlord issues, lease renewals, etc.

My biggest fear in heading out on my own is that I will become an example for young people of what NOT to do once you start off. You know, the stereotypical example of a girl who makes all of the huge blunders college grads make and are warned against.

In my attempt to avoid this depressing future, I have been doing some research on how to successfully make the transition to adulthood. I found an extremely helpful piece called 5 Things Every College Grad Should Know, and feel it may help some of you out who are in a similar situation.

Here’s the list, along with short excerpts from each point:

#1. A Degree Does NOT Entitle You to a Job

“The days where all you needed was a college degree to get a job are LONG GONE…Deep down inside, you know it’s true…We were all told the same lie in high school. Get into a prestigious university, get a degree, and your magic high paying job will fall squarely in your lap.”

#2. Find What You Love to Do

“The time you have after college is THE TIME to find what you love to do. You are not burdened (I assume for the most part) with the heavy responsibilities of a mortgage, family, or dependents. You’ll most likely move back home or room with a buddy…Use that time to find what you love to do. Don’t put it off. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of getting a job just to get by and falling into a routine.”

#3. Learn How to Interact With People

“Learning how to interact with people is probably one of the most valuable skills you can have under your belt…You will find that the skill of comfortably interacting with people will help you when it comes time to promotion. This will also protect you from the next subject”

#4. Practice CYA (You Know, Cover Your – – -)

“Office politics – yes, everything you’ve heard is true. Office politics DOES exist and it is NOT pretty…When it comes to downsizing, I’ve seen employees turn on the quiet employee in the corner like a pack of wolves and whisper to the managers that he/she must go. It’s far easier to fire the loner than to fire one of the gang. That’s why you should learn how to interact with people.”

#5. Build and Maintain A New Social Network

“When you graduate, you’re not going to be surrounded by your classmates and dorm buddies 24/7. You’ll most likely be living with a roommate or living with your parents and the majority of your social contact will be at work, and I don’t think your workplace is going to be filled with 22 year olds…The biggest misconception is that everybody has all the friends they need and that they don’t need anymore. People will always need friends.”

Take this advice and use it. I know the last thing I want is to look back on my young adult years and lament over all the mistakes I made or how I would have acted differently.

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