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Crackberry Addicts Question Their Favorite Indulgence


Pinkberry, the self-proclaimed “swirly goodness” and celeb hotspot for low fat, yogurty, ice creamy…stuff…has found itself in a sticky mess.

While it has little-to-no calories, fat or anything else girls don’t want to ingest, the only ingredients Pinkberry admits to using is “pure” and “simple.” Apparently, “pure” and “simple” are now nouns.

For the past couple months, the company has been dealing with controversies and lawsuits as to what the hell this crap is made out of. Some “Crackberry Addicts” (seriously, that’s what they’re called) don’t care – they are fully satisfied with the mysterious ingredients, just as long as it helps them stay skinny. Some Crackberry Addicts are freaked out, and want to know what they’re inhaling 5 times a week.

Pinkberry is crazy popular and imitators have popped up around the country, like Snowberry, Roseberry, Berri Good, and Kiwiberri. And this controversy is so popular that Mr. Perez himself has been covering the ongoing dessert debacle, and this morning, reported the Fox News story of one New York Pinkberry location that was flooded with rats over the weekend; this does not help the company’s rep one bit.

I’ve never tried it, and I certainly don’t plan on doing so until they come clean about what they use to make it. Until then, it’s TCBY for me.

Paris better request some Pinkberry delivery before it’s too late.

Do they deliver to jails?