Tank Top Arms. Bikini Belly. Boy Shorts Bottom.

True to my procrastinating nature, I have yet to begin my summer diet-exercise regimen. And, like any adept procrastinator would, I’ve spent the past month coming up with excuses for why I’ll hit the gym and pick up a yogurt “starting tomorrow.”

In the spirit of making excuses, I’m going to pardon myself and the rest of the lazy gals who have, too, put off their summer 2007 workout plans. The excuse? Summer didn’t officially start until yesterday.

So while there’s no point in regretting our inactivity thus far, I do think it’s about time to step up our game and make up for lost time.

And I’ve got the perfect assistant to help you get back on track: “Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom.” It’s not just a catchy title. This workout delivers a solid total body workout that’ll prep you for each of the three clothing items referenced.

Minna Lessig, who’s apparently an at-home exercise guru, leads the workout, which is broken down into six sections: warm up; tank top arms; bikini belly; boy shorts bottom; total-body workout; and cool down.

The best part about this workout: the sections are only about 10-15 minutes each (which makes it hard to make excuses about not having enough time to do a couple of segments a few times a week).

A personal trainer who recommended the DVD advised starting with the warm up, and then combining the total-body with one of the isolated segments—and then switching to a different isolated segment the next day.

And I give you my word (and this may just be because I haven’t worked out in months), the workout is intense. I got through the whole DVD this morning, and it’s not your standard light toning workout. (I’m already sooooooore.) Lessig throws in some light cardio moves to compliment the deep toning. I don’t care if you have the tightest glands in the world, you will sweat… a lot.

But fear not, the workout is fairly simple. Lessig starts each circuit by slowly demonstrating the move and then progresses to a quicker, more challenging version. Plus, if the workout gets too intense, one of her assistants does the entire workout at the beginner level.

“Tank Top Arms…” is advertised as a 4-week program that delivers visible results within 10 days (in combination with a healthy diet, of course). If the next 4 fitness-friendly weeks can reverse the damage I’ve done in the past 4 gluttonous weeks, I’m in.

Underwear is SO Last Year
Underwear is SO Last Year
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