Men Sleep Around More Than Women (act surprised)

Just in case you thought that guy was lying when he revealed he had slept with more people than you, a recent study by the federal government shows that men still have more sexual partners than women.

The nationwide survey found “29 percent of American men report having 15 or more female sexual partners in a lifetime, while only 9 percent of women report having sex with 15 or more men”. A rough translation? The average amount of lifetime sexual partners for guys is 7, while the average for women is 4.

Researchers claim this new study of 6,237 adults, aged 20 to 59, is more effective than previous ones have been, since most of the research was done with a computer program. Instead of answering questions face-to-face (which may have caused some people to diminish, or heighten, their sexuality), subjects where left in a room and allowed to answer computerized questions in any amount of time they desired.

What the test doesn’t answer is why the ratio is still uneven. Is there something naturally ingrained in the male biological system that makes them more eager to have sex with different people? Do women still fear the dreaded double standard? Should we all just give into the fact that on average, men have a harder time committing themselves to a single partner?

And most importantly, do these numbers seem accurate to you? According to some of the figures I’ve heard tossed around in bars, they seem a little low, but give a skeezy guy a shot of tequila and he’ll say anything to make himself look good…and slutty.

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